Food film

The thermoshrinkable film (it is made on the basis of PVC or POF) and is applied as final packing of small-sized production of small volume that gives it presentable appearance and protects from external mechanical and natural influences, at storage and transportation of products. The film thermoshrinkable pvc or полиолефиновая a thermoshrinkable film is used in the food-processing industry, perfumery, polygraphic, confectionery, building and many other branches of manufacture.

Food strejch-film

Approaches for packing of various food production as: meat, fish, a hen, sausage, grain products, vegetables, fruit, etc. the Food film increases a period of storage and creates an attractive kind of finished goods.

Paletnaja strejch-film

It is applied basically as transport packing to protection against external insignificant damages and a reliable fastening among themselves finished goods. The palletnaja film can be used as manual packing. price films

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